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Pitch : A brutal kidnapping sends a man on a violent quest to get his girlfriend back.


Directed by Anthony Gauge and Jérôme Pham Van Bouvier

Written by Jérôme Pham Van Bouvier and Thibault Turcas

Casting : Anthony Darche, Marion Conejero, Julia Gratens, Nassim Azrou, Yohan Jore, Gwenaël Pigat, Franck Roques, Amine Mehdi, Michael Morin, Cécile Genovese, Kevin Torres, Franck Morin, Raphaël Lecomte, Steven Jore, Mickael Herpin, Kellian Franca, Jaouad El Amrani, Dimitri Clément, Walyd Azrou and Sébastien Veran

Edited by Thibault Turcas

Music composed by Fabien Labonde

Casting by Pierrick Dupy

Make Up Department by Jess Lordi

SFX by Louis Bustin

Assistant Director : Madeleine Parpet

Sound Department by Benjamin Frydman

Stunts Choregraphy by Nassim Azrou and Yohan Jore

Le film :